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History of Yishun

Now known as Yishun New Town, the area was formerly called Nee Soon. It’s a residential town situated in the northeastern end of Singapore’s North Region. Surrounding Yishun are Mandai to the west, Ang Mo Kio to the south, the upcoming Sengkang and Seletar to the east, the Central Water catchment to the southwest, and Sungei Simpang Kiri to the north.

Yishun planning area consists of seven subzones: Northland, Yishun Central, Yishun South, Yishun East, Nee Soon, Springleaf, Lower Seletar Reservoir, Yishun West and Khatib.

The area Yishun is located was originally occupied by indigenous nomads called Orang Seletar. They were commonly referred to as the sea people because they lived in boats and practised fishing along the Seletar River.

Yishun was the home to Lim Nee Soon, a successful industrialist who established pineapple and rubber plantations in the area. Pepper and gambier plantations were the most popular crops initially before they declined in the late 1800s.

Under Lim Nee Soon’s leadership, estates that housed his workers developed in the area. The Chinese immigrants working as labourers formed an extended settlement in the plantations grieving rise to villages like Nee Soon, Mandai Tekong, Heng Leh Pah, Hup Choon Kek, Chye Kay, and Bah Soon Pah.

The town’s development as Yishun New Town started in 1976 with plans to develop the area formerly under Nee Soon District. Construction on public land started in the resettled villages. The new town was planned to offer convenience by locating many amenities from schools, malls to religious buildings within the vicinity.

Since then, Yishun has undergone various developments to being declared as the first dementia-friendly town in Singapore. The ex plantation stronghold is now a flourishing town with plenty of amenities for its residents. It has been transformed to improve the state of the old flats and the quality of living in the area under the government’s Home Improvement Programme (HIP).

Living in this part of Singapore has been made better over the years. Today, Yishun offers a charming and vibrant neighbourhood that many of its laid-back residents appreciate. With many improvement and upgrade programs underway, Yishun is set to be a nice place to raise your family for utmost convenience.